A Key Part

of making Art is coming to terms with one’s own culture[s]. It becomes more complicated for those of us who have lived in a number of cultures and may not identify with a single cultural identity. 

I do not have a problem with those who have a specific cultural identity. In some way it is comforting to know that there are those whose identity is linked to a specific community and are embraced by that community. There is in California a “Chicano” cultural identity that is real and will never go away. [after all historically California was part of Mexico]. 

When I lived in the Takoma Park, Maryland it was unusual to meet someone who had lived there all their life… where I live currently it is very common for someone to live in the Salisbury area their entire life… sometimes never going more than 50 miles from home. There is a certain security in that type of community… even if it is culturally isolating.

On my father’s side they came from Sweden in the 1920’s… and when I was quite young you could find Swedish restaurants & grocery stores in major cities… hard to find today… little of the Swedish cultural identity seems to exist today. 

On my mother’s side they are German coming here almost 200 years before my father’s parents came here and the Pennsylvania German cultural identity of foodstuffs is still maintained.  

The point is to come to understand one’s own cultural identity; to accept it and/or move past it.  Whatever your work demands.


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