Thoughts on “Beauty”

Beauty is a not a quality like temperature or humidity. Temperature & Humidity can be measured in ways that we can agree on and with devices that are commonly accepted.

Beauty is extremely subjective and culturally influenced.

There have been periods in American history when women with small breasts were considered beautiful [flappers in the 1920’s… some women bound their breasts to appear more “flat chested”.] 

In more recent times large breasted women seem to be in the “spotlight of beauty” and woman have have implants so they would meet that definition of beauty. 

In some cultures large thighs & derrières are a mark of beauty for women. 

I use those examples because it is easy to see how subjective the “Ideal of Beauty” is within the human experience. 

There is beauty in Science & Mathematics but again it’s subjective… sometimes those of us who are “laymen” can see and understand the beauties of science… but many times we stand on the sidelines shaking our heads in a lack of comprehension.

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