In Memory of a Bullfrog

and A Cherry Bomb:

I was about 12 years old… a friend had given me a cherry bomb… I had been told that the cherry bombs would blowup even if they were tossed in the water. 

I walked down to the lower pond on our property with the intention of lighting the cherry bomb and tossing it in the pond. As I crossed the small creek between the ponds a bullfrog jumped out in front of me. I grabbed the bullfrog and then got the “bright” idea to tie the cherry bomb to the bullfrog, light the cherry Bomb and throw bullfrog and cherry bomb into the pond. 

I tossed the two of them in the pond… the Bullfrog took a couple of strokes just under the surface of the water… when the cherry bomb blew there was a geyser of water at least ten feet…. 

I had an immediate sense of regret… and it is not without some guilt that I tell the story.  I cannot deny the ugly thing I did and I NEVER did such a thing again. 

© 2008 Ed Zerne


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