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Bad Guys & Symbols

I’d like to say, “Never Again.” but we keep doing it over and over, Assassination, War & Genocide.  Read The Trial of Henry Kissinger by Christopher Hitchens. a review;  William Walker an American Mercenary sponsored by United Fruit Company; Farouk I of Egypt, the playboy king.

While the big question for us is: with ketchup or without ketchup ?


Fasching Clown 1974

Munich, Germany

Hagen’s Garden

On Route 24 [26380 John J. Williams Highway, Millsboro, Delaware] we passed a yard full of Colorful Sculptures & flower beds. On our return from Rehoboth we stopped to take a few pictures. [I will have to stop earlier in the day when the light is better]

Judy & Lou Hagen cooperatively design their Recycled Metal Sculptures. Lou does the welding and Judy does the finishing. Whimsical & Colorful Work… “the shape of metal is reborn when the imagination gives it form.”

Feeding Giraffes !

Flowers for the Garden

Some big Dragonflies in Delaware !

Dragonfly & Flowers

Flying Fish

Kinetic & Stationary Flowers

Dragonfly Attacks House

Preying Mantis Feeding in the Bush.

Flying Lizzie

The M & M’s

Blue Flower

Garden Trellis.

Congo – Political Art

by Artist SHULA, (Jean-Bosco Monsengo)

“Violent affrontement du 22 au 23 mars 2007”, acrylic colors on canvas, 96 x 111 cm, 2007.

“Quand un dictateur veut apaiser ses nerves” (Laurent Kabila), acrylic colors on table-cloth, 65 x 92 cm, 2002.



Jean Tinguely [1925- 1991] a Swiss painter and sculptor. He is known for sculptural machines or kinetic art, and referred to as Metamechanics.

Tinguely was part of the New Realism [Nouveau Réalisme] movement begun by  Pierre Restany.  Other participants in this movement were:  “Yves Klein, Arman, Martial Raysse, Pierre Restany, Daniel Spoerri, Jean Tinguely and the Ultra-Lettrists, Francois Dufrêne, Raymond Hains, Jacques de la Villeglé; in 1961 these were joined by César, Mimmo Rotella, then Niki de Saint Phalle and Gérard Deschamps. The artist Christo joined the group in 1963.” 


Never Forget

Evil Men, Evil Deeds & Symbols [of Good & Evil].  Studies for a Project.

Artist’s Palette

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