AU’s Katzen Arts Center


As you come within view of the Katzen Arts Center a wooden sloop appears to be abandoned in the grass. It is the Sipriz, of The Haitian Sailing Project. Ocean Navigator online has an article about Geert van der Kolk, the Sipriz and the motivation. At the Katzen you will also see a number of paintings from Haiti and the North Sail that was decoratively modified for the Sipriz.

Margaret Boozer’s Dirt Drawings are process oriented: Clay: dug for various colors, sometimes broken into rough clumps and sometimes ground finely. Mechanically created arcs sometimes dry and sometimes wet, even seeping from the clay mound onto the gallery floor. It reminds one of how our most ancient ancestors must have explored materials before clay became pottery and decoration.

I’ve looked at Jules Feiffer’s work for many years and there is a familiarity when looking at “My Fellow Americans: 40 Years of Political Cartoons” even if I cannot remember the actual piece. Mr. Feiffer remarked, “I could just change the copyright date and the work would be current.” I agreed with him and we lamented how little things change.


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