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Standing Man, 1929-30, Alberto Giacometti Gift of Joseph Hirschhorn

Alberto Giacometti & David Smith have left us an enormous legacy of work.  The record shows the depth and breadth of their searches.  I come away from their work feeling envigorated and knowing that making art is possible.  Their persistence should inspire young artists to emulate their desire and ability to create.

Neither of them were afraid to make a work because it might fail.  They made changes in their work because it suited them, their visions and the nature of the work.  The strength of that independant vision is possibly the thing that sets them apart from ordinary artists of their time and places them in the Pantheon of “Artist Heroes”.

Both of these works seem to be made during periods when they were searching and experimenting with sculptural statements.

Big Rooster, David Smith, Hirschhorn Museum

Big Rooster, David Smith, Hirschhorn Museum

Big Rooster, 1945, David Smith Gift of Joseph H. Hirschhorn 

What is this curious process called “Art”? 

“Untitled, Love Creek with sculptural form”,  1990 completed 1993,  Acrylic on watercolor paper, 12.25” X 16”  © 1993 Ed Zerne

 Is it just a thing of some economic value or is there some core of elemental truth in works of Art ?


Lascaux Cave Painting

There must be something basic to Art to have survived through millenniums from “Cave art” to fashionable galleries in the cultural centers & outposts.

Is the function of Art changing ?

Jeff Koons & Cicciolina Sculpture

Jeff Koons


Egyptian, Brooklyn Museum of Art © 2005 photo Ed Zerne

I want an Art that encompasses the whole range of human experience:  the visual observations that we make, the emotions we experience, the materials discoveries that we find in the process…

Twisted Painting circa 1995 Side B © 2006 photo Ed Zerne

Twisted Painting circa 1995 Side A © 2006 photo Ed Zerne

When I look at the work of other artists it is not important that I agree with that artist.  Their work should be their experience and it is up to me as a viewer to glean as much information as I can about that work & that artist’s experience.

A life spent examining the problems of making Art is a life well spent.  My work continues to be about the sum of my experiences in life and art.  Art is about substance, not style. 


Paddle Idol Imagery, © 2006 Ed Zerne

Does it all end up in the Dada Dumpster ? Is it all just fodder for another generation of artists ?  How much of the art produced is saved, housed for future generations to understand where their culture came from ?  Is the myth more important than the artifact ?

– ed zerne

Dada Dumspter © 2005 Ed Zerne

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Wikipedia on the Philosophical Concept of Art

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