Stage I

At the cusp of the 21st Century Art has become everyone’s prerogative.
The search in the 21st Century is to create a visual model which will provide for the transitional understanding of our existence in a Universe of constant flux, a universe that is infinite and unfathomable.

The 20th Century began with major artists looking for and attempting to express the 4th Dimension through a static image. With artists asserting the belief in additional dimensions beyond the 5th dimension.

Cubism and Theoretical Abstraction lead to Mid-Century Abstraction Expressionism.

Past Models frequently attempted to provide an explanation for “all time.”

Today, the artists of the 21st Century understand that is not possible.

Art is the discipline that best gives us the ability to travel through time. This is a conceptual act by the Artist + Observer.

This Manifesto is not an attempt to denigrate artists of the past. However:

We renounce all those who espouse violence as a creative act.
We renounce those who glorify machines over humanity.
We renounce those who would spend millions on the art of the past and little or nothing to support living artists.
We renounce those who cannot see the value of art.
We renounce those who manufacture imitations of the past.

Our agenda for the 21st Century is to be the Catalyst for New Visual Art. At the beginning of the 20th Century manifestos asserted the belief in a Universal Art. We assert a belief in Individual Art and understanding as the basis for the Art of the 21st Century. Universal art is passé.

We understand that we are like blind men examining an elephant. Each of us describing the portion of the elephant that we touch.

We understand that the systems of the past served their purpose. We also understand that change and growth are essential for survival.

It is increasingly difficult for an individual to have a broad understanding of our existence in this universe. That is at the root of our search. Our work is a link between the metaphysical and the real. We know that some of our work may be understood but much of that work may require some effort by the viewer to come to an understanding of our work.

We will not retreat from the public misreading of our work. We will not retreat from the ill founded opinions of those in art institutions who cannot see our art.

We accept that in order to make art we must commit revolutionary acts.

We appreciate our brother workers, the Scientists who give us so much information. When their theories have been discarded our work remains like a glistening trail of a snail passing through history.

The ability to see far beyond our own solar system gives us new insights to our own existence.

We look beyond…

Fine Art * * SAAM


1 Response to “Manifesto 2100”

  1. 1 TB June 25, 2008 at 10:01 am

    Art and Science. Yes. We will need to start thinking more molecularly or atomically. Think globally, act locally, exist atomically?

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