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Is Technical Drawing Art ?

These are my responses to this question as well as issues concerning whether or not Architecture is Art.

Max Protetch Gallery in New York has exhibited and sells Architectural drawings & renderings…

Fly’s Eye Dome
1965 – patent date
nestable fiberglass components
26 feet in diameter x 18 feet high approx.

Architects whose work: Drawings & Renderings are represented by Protetch:

Tadao Ando
Peter Eisenman
R. Buckminster Fuller
Michael Graves
Zaha Hadid
John Hejduk
Coop Himmelblau
Steven Holl
Arata Isozaki
Louis I. Kahn
Rem Koolhaas, OMA
Daniel Libeskind
Gaetano Pesce
Paul Rudolph
Alvaro Siza
Tea and Coffee Towers
Estate of Erik Gunner Asplund
Estate of Morris Lapidus
Estate of Sam Mockbee
Estate of Aldo Rossi

Richard Estes

Just Architecture ?

Would you hang this as art or just call it a technical drawing ?

or this one ?

The Miracle in Bilbao

“Designed by Frank Gehry, the Bilbao Guggenheim is the most important building yet completed by the California architect. The miracle taking place here, however, is not Gehry’s building, wondrous as it is. The miraculous occurrence is the extravagant optimism that enters into the outlook of those who have made the pilgrimage. What if American art has not, after all, played itself out to its last entropic wheeze? What if standards of cultural achievement have not irretrievably dissolved in the vast, tepid bath of relativity, telemarketing and manipulated public opinion? Has it even become possible, once again, to think about beauty as a form of truth?”

“Frank Gehry’s new Guggenheim Museum is a shimmering, Looney tunes, post-industrial, post-everything burst of American optimism wrapped in titanium”

By Herbert Muschamp
Herbert Muschamp is the architecture critic for The Times

Leaky buildings are the accusations hurled against innovative Architects frequently… sometimes its the architects fault and sometimes its the builders fault.


From Architecture Enlightens Life

The Simpsons’ representation of Gehry’s work is hardly a statement of factual architecture criticism.

I find Gehry’s work fascinating and a step away from boring architecture. I would compare him to Gaudi.

Sagrada Familia Cathedral, Barcelona, Spain

Hugh Newell Jacobson is an architect I met and installed some art [not mine] in one of his new homes so he could take pictures of the interior the way that he wanted. He told a story of coming back from Japan and designing a house with a “gutter” system where the rain water travels down a chain to the ground… a system used in Japan for centuries… he didn’t get the angle of a board that focuses the water on the chain quite right and had to redo the roof.

Michelangelo was considered an architect, sculptor & painter… is his Architectural work somehow lower than the other work? Da Vinci designed forts and we would gladly hang the drawings of those forts on our walls as Art.

Paolo Soleri is another Architect I’ve met and was involved in the installation of models of his work at the Corcoran… His work is so radical and grandiose that few structures have actually been build.


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