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Dreams of a Lost Youth

This imagery is from a current [2006] series of works. The studies have been done in CorelDraw and Photoshop. The actual finished work is on birch panels that have been routed and painted with an acrylic paint and there is a pine substructure with either a luan or birch backing. There may be some pieces in the series that will have other materials than those I have listed.

© 2006 Ed Zerne

Chiaroscuro studies – graphite

Garlic & Jalapeño, 4.25″ X 6″ [10.8 X 15.24] © October 2006 Ed Zerne


Lemon and Pear, 4.25″ X 6″ [10.8 X 15.24]  © October 2006 Ed Zerne

Mushrooms, 4.25″ X 6″ [10.8 X 15.24] © October 2006 Ed Zerne

Mail Art

 The theme was Chiaroscuro

The paper folds over the “card” to form an envelope

© October 2006 Ed Zerne

The theme was “juju”

The canvas folds over the “card” to form an envelope


the canvas was painted in the 1970’s… I made a trade for a bolt of this olive drab canvas and painted on a bunch of it but never exhibited any of that work… the image in the center was created in September 2006 using CorelDraw, exporting it as a JPEG and then modifying it in Photoshop. The image was printed, laminated and fastened to the canvas with velcro.

© September 2006 Ed Zerne

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