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President Elect Obama

it is a Great Moment in American History 

I’m delighted. The Prospects are Enormous… 

Let’s not waste this New Opportunity

2008 Election Map




Tomorrow is Election Day

We have the opportunity to exercise one of our greatest rights, The Right to Vote.

We have seen what mediocre men can do as the leaders of our country: drive us into debt, create conflicts with no end in sight and tarnish the reputation of our country. For those of you who are inclined to think economically please do a search on our National Debt as a percentage of our Gross National Product. What you will find is that every Republican President with the exceptions of Presidents Eisenhower & Nixon-Ford have increased the National Debt while they were in office and every Democratic President has reduced the National Debt.

We have the opportunity to elect a truly brilliant man, Barrack Obama. A man who has overcome long odds and succeeded at every step of his life.

Finally no matter your point of view exercise your right to vote tomorrow. VOTE.

Photo Credit: Bbsrock

This Time Next Week

will be the eve of Election Day. Please go to the polls and Vote. It is important for you to vote if you are registered. In most states it is too late to register in time for this years election but if you are not registered, register for the next election.

Many think that their vote doesn’t count but during the more than ten years I was a Poll Judge I have seen elections won and lost with as few as 6 votes.


Hope & Change

For the first time in many years I heard a Presidential candidate address some of the major issues of America in our time in a way that makes sense to me. Barrack Obama offers what seems to be a healthy direction for America.

Under his leadership we can regain respect for our county and rebuild some of what has been lost in the last 7.5 years.

Make your voice heard: Register to Vote and then show up and Vote.

Congo – Political Art

by Artist SHULA, (Jean-Bosco Monsengo)

“Violent affrontement du 22 au 23 mars 2007”, acrylic colors on canvas, 96 x 111 cm, 2007.

“Quand un dictateur veut apaiser ses nerves” (Laurent Kabila), acrylic colors on table-cloth, 65 x 92 cm, 2002.

Net Neutrality

Barack Obama: On Net Neutrality

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