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Robert Henri & Students

Robert Henri & his students

Robert Henri & his students

1. –?–, 2.–?–, 3. ? George Bellows, 4.–?–, 5.–?–, 6.–?–, 7.–?–, 8.–?–, 9.–?–, 10.–?–, 11.–?–, 12.–?–, 13.–?–, 14. Robert Henri, 15.–?–, 16.–?–, 17.–?–.

Please add you ideas on who the people are in the photograph. My understanding is that this was a photograph of Robert Henri’s students. My estimate is the photograph was made between 1910 and 1915. Henri began “teaching at the New York School of Art in 1902, where his students included Edward Hopper, Rockwell Kent, George Bellows, Norman Raeben and Stuart Davis…. From 1915 to 1927 he was a popular and influential teacher at the Art Students League of New York.” [1]

The source of the photo I am told was the effects of Lucie Bayard a Painter who studied with Luks & Henri. She is probably in the photo but I have no idea what she looks like.

Figure #6 appears in a photo of Henri’s Class of 1912, Plate 119 in American Women Modernists, The Legacy of Robert Henri 1920-1945 by Marian Wardle, Sarah Burns

Robert Henri’s Class, New York School of Art, 1902

Robert Henri’s Class, New York School of Art, ca. 1905

Henri's Class of 1912

Henri's Class of 1912

Women who studied with Robert Henri:

Josephine “Jo” Nivison [1904-1906 Studied with Henri married to Edward Hopper], Esther Stephens Barney, Ariel Durant [nee Chaya Kaufman], Mabel Killam Day, Minerva Kohlhepp Teichert [1915-1916 Art Students League], Marjorie Organ Henri, Margaret Grove, Edith Dimock, Helen Appleton Read, Marjorie Ryerson, Frances Cranmer Greenman, Bessie Marsh, Betsy Falhman, Hilda Belcher, Theresa Bernstein, Jane Freeman, Kathleen McEnery Cunningham, Elizabeth Olds [1920 Art Students League], Henrietta Shore [early 1900’s New York School of Art], Clara Tice, Ruth Reeves [1892-1966, attended Pratt Institute, Brooklyn [1910-11], won a scholarship to the Art Students League in New York in 1913], Margaret Margot King Roche, Addie Dell Heizer Armstrong [1904 New York School of Art], Marion Baar-Stanfield….

Artists who studied with Robert Henri sites:

George Wesley Bellows [1882-1925], enters New York School 1904, Frick, SDMA,
Clarence Kerr Chatterton [1880-1973] Studied at the New York School 1900-1904.
Davis, Stuart [1894-1964], New York School 1910-13
Edward Hopper [1882-1967], Wikipedia, NGA
Rockwell Kent [1882 – 1971], Wikipedia
Norman Raeben [1901-1978], Wikipedia
Minerva Kohlhepp Teichert 1915-1916 Art Students League

Robert Henri with his class at the Art Students League ca. 1916

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